who we are

"Support, Compassion and Care"

A New World Child Placement Agency is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to promote and support children in need of foster care placement. A New World Child Placement Agency accepts children ages 0 to 18 and over 18 to 21 through court order. We strive to encourage a positive outlook on life and deeper appreciation for oneself, through pairing children with homes that will promote their growth and development while in out of home placement. Foster parents will be sufficiently trained to address the needs of the children placed in their care.


A New World is committed to providing children with life-long skills that are necessary to become productive and contributing citizens in society. Every effort is made to promote and help children to cultivate an optimistic outlook toward life. The children we serve are placed in certified foster and group homes, willing and committed to fostering a sense of stability and belonging in the home. In an effort to maximize the positive impact in children's lives, we seek quality home environments to foster the children. Our families will consistently be encouraged and inspired to promote positive attitudes, encourage the development of positive self-esteem, and endorse positive decision making skills to aid in the improvement of a child's individual self-worth.


To ensure there are stable and committed families who are dedicated to helping foster children adapt and succeed during this traumatic time in their lives. High expectations combined with love and compassion is our desired goal and expected outcome to enable us and our families to make a difference with every child placed in their home. We recognize the ultimate goal is reunification and every effort will be made to empower and encourage this process if recommended and approved by the placing county.

Why ANW?

For potential foster parents...

We are thrilled that you and your family are interested in embracing this challenging, yet rewarding work. Foster parenting is a huge commitment that requires patience, caring, and sincere involvement. The opportunity to provide children with a nurturing and stable environment during one of the most challenging times in their lives is not to be taken lightly.   It is our commitment to ensure the proper training, knowledge, and support is available at all times to aide in your success through:

- Comprehensive pre-placement orientation and training designed to provide you with the tools to properly care for the children in your home
- 24 hour on-call support
- A case manager to support and guide you through the foster care process from beginning to end
- On-going training opportunities

A New World is so pleased and extremely grateful that you are considering our agency to start this wonderful foster care experience. We look forward to working with you!

For Caseworkers

A New World provides nurturing, structured therapeutic foster care homes, group homes and group centers for children who are:

- Abused
- Abandoned
- Removed from home
- Medically fragile
- Special needs, i.e. developmental disabilities, emotional, psychological or behavioral problems

We accept children ages 0 to 18 and over 18 to 21 through placements. Our highly professional staff focuses on developing open and honest communication with county caseworkers. We offer 24-hour on-call support for our providers and will take calls for placement at all hours. Every attempt will be made to meet the child at the home at the time of placement to ensure a healthy and supportive transition. Attention is on quality not quantity!!

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