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We have moved!

Our new location is:
10800 E Bethany Dr, suite 225 Aurora, CO 80014

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Kindness & Humanity

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Interested in becoming a foster parent?
We have plenty of resources available to help you make your decision!

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Kindness & Humanity

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We will be at our existing location until December 31, 2020.
As of 1/1/2021, our new address will be:
10800 E Bethany Dr, suite 225
Aurora, CO 80014

Our standard office hours are:
8:00 a. m. -5:00 pm Mon -Thurs
8:00 a.m. -noon – Fri

We are still primarily working remotely and following the CDC COVID-19 and State guidelines. However, in extreme emergencies we may be able to provide support in the office by appointment only. Please call your Case Manager or call the office at 303-743-4000 if needed.


Welcome to a new world

“A New World Child Placement Agency is committed to providing children with life-long skills necessary to be productive and contributing members of society.”

Become A Foster Parent

Whether you are an older adult or a younger adult, a working or a stay-at-home-parent, a home owner or renter, adoption or foster care may be a good option for you.

Open a large foster home

ANW certifies large foster homes. These homes work with large sibling groups and/or harder to place children and youth of all ages

It Takes A Village

We offer free information to multiple resources to our foster care network.

Doris Gaines (Founder, CEO)

Doris founded A New World in 2012 out of her passion for equipping young people with the skills, support, and self-esteem they need to be successful, well-rounded individuals. Under her leadership the Agency has served over 2000 Youth and has successfully placed over 50 children in forever homes. In addition, Doris has 30 years of experience as an educator, working primarily with at-risk youth as a Dean of Students, Counselor, and Social Worker. Doris has worked closely with county social services agencies and law enforcement to support the needs of students placed in foster and group homes within the public and charter school systems. She holds memberships in the National Foster Parent Association and Colorado State Foster Parent Association. It is her mission to ensure every child placed in foster care has a supporting and stable environment wherein they can thrive and every family desiring to foster a child is able to successfully to do so. Contact Doris at

Meet Our Team

A New World child placement agency has a dedicated and talented team available to assist with any questions.


A New World child placement agency has a dedicated and talented team available to assist with any questions.

Doris Gaines

Founder, CEO

I am a world traveler. I've been as far as New Zealand, China (climbed the Great Wall), South Africa (met Mandela), and visited many European countries.

George Gaines


I produced Disco Lady. I am also the youngest of 13 children.

Debra Miller

Compliance Officer

I love to hang out with my two sons and their spouses and my five grand children.

Angela Chambers

Executive Director

I lived in Alaska for 10 years & loved it! I used to competitive ice skate!

Christa Jordan

Placement Supervisor

I am a foster parent and understand the work we do from both sides. What we do isn't easy, but worth it!

Lindsey Armstrong

Executive Assistant

I was rewarded with a diamond ring and recognized in the National Court of Sales as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Renata Sawyer

Case Manager

I live in a foster home where my family has adopted over 7 children. Ever since I was very young, I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher; but I fell in love with foster care. I equally enjoy both outdoor adventures and being at home, snuggling with my dogs.

Jayme Jefferson

Case Manager

I am the youngest of two. My sister and I are 4 years apart. The hobby I could never give up is reading.

Michelle Simmons

Clinical Director

I studied mechanical engineering from 6th grade-12th grade and decided to go to college for social work. I was also an expert marksman during my time in the Army.